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This is a brilliant game. I highly recommend. Youll quick be captured in this immersive world. You can just feel how hard life is for everyone in this conditions. Very emotional! Just feel in love with this game! ;-)

A classic

This game is an emotional war simulation where choices matters and impact your characters. Killing people wont get you anywhere and should be The last resort. An amazing and immersive survival game that will probably get you depressed if youre Not careful enough !

Best game Ever

Thanks 11bit for those moments

Game state not stored

Being able to resume the game only from the beginning of the day is a really bad idea for mobile devices.

bis jetzt ganz cool

crash an tag 14...

Absolutely fantastic!

Awesome game, very immersive and tense. Agree that a tutorial of some sort would be handy as some things are not intuitive, but still mounds of fun regardless of that!

Create caracters?

Its an awesome game but it Will be cool if we could create caracters on the iPad version

So addictive

Very addictive to play. Appreciate the message of the effect of war not only to the resources but also to human psyche. Some items not as intuitive on first go; a reading primer would be handy.

Deliciously addictive.

Unique, addictive, and worth every penny. Thanks for an awesome game.


Such a well designed game and worth the buy. Very depressing and difficult but rewarding

Awesome game!!!!!

Probably one of the best games on the App Store. This war of mine is an interactive 2d game that makes you depressed every time you play!!! It would be cool if they added custom games though, for after you beat all the scenarios!!!

A Challenging "Game" in Every Aspect

Its hard to describe and recommend this game to friends as it never sounds positive and fun whatsoever, "youre trying to survive in the middle of a war". But it challenges you to think about the consequences and actions you make as you and your party try to make it to the next day. Well worth the price if youre looking for something more mature and challenging, not only in gameplay but emotionally as well.

Doesnt work!

I bought the game went to lunch it and it worked fine but starting a game is an hole other thing.(iPad gen 2)

Great game.

Trying to survive a war torn city, different players an places. Good.

Best iOS game of 2015

This may be the best iOS game Ive ever played

Very hard

Game is ridiculously hard. Unique gameplay for sure, but restarting from scratch after everyone dies is sucky. This game requires many attempts to perfect it I guess, I just cant survive long enough to find out haha

Fantastic Game

Have it on my Mac and now my iPad. Best survival game thus far on iPad. However, once you figure out the dynamics, the dos and donts, it will start lacking a challenge. This game needs mods with greater difficulties, more in-game days or custom days with a custom day and night timer to salvage and build giving nuts like me the ability to master the game easily. Could use more character encounters and a create a character. As compared to when the game first came out, there has been many bugs fixed like easy bartering. No crashes to report, beautifully designed game, I highly recommend this game for those chomping on the bit for a survival game

Wow Ive never thought that I would like this game I would truly recommend u buying dis

Re: The little ones add on

When will the little ones add on be available for iPhone also?

Challenging game

Very hard but it is worth trying when its fun to do

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